We Do Carpet Cleaning


Why professionally clean your carpets with Superior?

Your carpet is a very large investment, and the number one reason we all have our carpets cleaned is because we “see” the dirt. We want our carpet to last as many years as possible, but there is only one way to accomplish that, and that is to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We have listed a few facts for you to consider.


What you DON’T SEE is hurting you and your carpet!


  •        When you actually “see” the dirt on your carpet you have already started to do damage to your carpet’s fibers.
    • Carpets act as a magnet for contaminants including dust mites, feces, pet dander, salt, road grime, dirt, and much more!  Theses contribute to “not-so-fresh” foul odors!

    • Contaminants are abrasive and wear down your carpet and permanently damage the fibers.

    • Regularly cleaning carpets not only makes your carpet look better but also prolongs the life of your carpet and makes your home or business smell fresh!

    • Clean carpet creates a sanitary environment in which to live.

How often should I clean my carpets?

The minimum amount of times your carpet should be professionally cleaned is twice a year, however no one can say for sure what carpet cleaning schedule would work for your situation. A few things to consider would be your life style, how many people live in your home or are working in your business, number of pets, children, traffic flow, allergen concerns, and environmental changes. Call us today and we would be happy to set up an arrangement that would work for you and your schedule!


What can I do to make sure my carpet stays clean between professional cleanings?

This may sound simple but you can remove a lot of dirt and contaminates yourself between cleanings if you vacuum regularly and have carpet protection applied on your carpets. Superior can apply the protection.

  • The #1 thing you can do is get on a regular carpet vacuuming schedule!

  • Have Superior apply carpet protection every time you have a professional cleaning.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

  • Non-Traffic Areas

  • Light Traffic Areas
    2 Times per week (3 Passes with the vacuum being sufficient)

  • Moderate – High Traffic Areas
    3 to 5 Times per Week (5 passes with vacuum thoroughly)

Heavy vacuuming more s-l-o-w-l-y will allow the beating or suction action of your cleaner to thoroughly remove embedded particles.


Do I really need carpet protection?

If you use your carpet then the answer is YES! Here’s why:

  • Reduces permanent stains

  • Helps prevent traffic lanes

  • Makes spots/spills easier to remove

  • Professional cleanings are more effective

  • Helps avoid costly service calls

  • You will be able to remove most of your spots/spills

  • Carpets stays cleaner for longer

  • Protects your investment