Ever feel like the tile floor you

just cleaned is still dirty??


Tile and grout cleaning are very important. When your grout is dirty it takes away from the appearance and that “clean” feeling you get after you have cleaned your floors. Grout dirt is actually mold and mildew amongst other bacteria and unsanitary contaminants.  Regular professional cleaning of your grout and tile will not only enhance the appearance, but will give you that truly beautiful deep down “clean” feeling. It is a difference you can see immediately, and a clean you won’t believe! 9 out of 10 customers, who receive a demonstration, have the work completed after experiencing the instant gratification when they see the incredible results. In addition, depending on the particular floor we can apply a sealer that protects the tile and grout between professional cleanings

Why apply a tile and grout sealer?

  1. Grout is porous and the sealer prevents dirt from penetrating it.

  2. Makes the grout easier to clean and maintain.

  3. The grout stays cleaner longer.

  4. With regular cleanings and sealer applications it will help prevent your grout from becoming stained or discolored.


Other surfaces Superior Carpet & Tile Care cleans:

  • VCT Tile

  • Marble

  • Pergo Flooring

  • Amtico Flooring

  • Natural Stone

  • Brick

  • Patios