Encapsulation Cleaning Process

Superior uses state of the art encapsulation cleaning units that don’t require long hoses running down the halls that are obtrusive to you guests.  We can clean floors and wings of your establishment while guests are in neighboring rooms because the process is quiet.  Shhhh! Carpets dry quickly meaning you can occupy the rooms faster generating income.


Steam Cleaning Process

Superior offers traditional steam cleaning with heavy-duty truck mounted systems if that is what the hospitality client prefers.  Our goal is you and your customers’ satisfaction!


Tile Floors and Grout Deep Cleaning

Grout in the kitchen looking grungy?  All of that grease buildup is not only unsanitary, it also creates a slippery hazardous work environment!  We have the industrial grade cleaning solutions needed to get your floors to pass inspection!  Furthermore, once the work is completed we can explain the best way to keep them properly maintained.  Let’s not forget about the floors the guests can see.  PERCEPTION IS ONE’S REALITY!  If a guest sees soiled grout they are likely to report it on their hospitality review.  We can clean up to 60 guest rooms of bathroom tile & grout (and carpet) a day.  Your scores will go up!!


Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

We both know service hallways leading from banquet and kitchen space get it as bad as any area of your hotel.  The sad part is, most are neglected and are huge eyesores.  And even more importantly, lead to unnecessary premature replacement costs!  After deep cleaning, Superior uses the highest quality wax available to protect surfaces and give a beautiful high gloss shine.  We have affordable maintenance programs available to achieve a consistent level of shine throughout the year.


Furniture Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning

Hotel room furniture and mattresses see a lot of traffic. It’s often overlooked that they need regular cleaning.   Schedule regular cleanings with Superior to maintain a healthy clean and freshness to the room’s most important furniture.  Your customers will appreciate you did!!


We even clean wood floors and high traffic areas like gym floors